Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Death to Smiley.

I have an addiction. Am I proud of this fact? Of course not.
Do I need to face it head on? Absolutely.
Does this addiction have anything to do with the fact that I type out questions and then immediately answer them? No. Well, yes...but that's not what I'm dealing with today.

The other day, Thomas called me out on my overuse of emoticons. I do realize that I use them entirely too much, but sometimes I just can't stop my fingers from typing them at the end of a sarcastic sentence (and as everyone knows, I am sarcastic roughly 94% of the time). I explained to T that deleting an emoticon after it is typed is on the same level of killing a baby. He then called me dramatic. Where did THAT come from??

Some would say that I should probably go to therapy and search for the reason that I am so in love with the colon (sometimes semi-colon) and parenthesis (sometimes uppercase "d"). The person that would be most wholeheartedly on board the "Sarah needs therapy" train would probably be Jackie, but that's because she believes that everyone needs a little mental tune-up every once in awhile. So word to the wise...don't ever take offense if Jackie says to you, "You need therapy."
She thinks that everyone does.

Back to my point: As Thomas has proclaimed that he will stop using exclamation points (FYI...he was addicted to those for a hot minute and I honestly thought it was someone messing with me from his phone since I had never seen him exclaim so much stuff in my life), I shall try my darnedest to stop my addiction to the smiley. Will I fail every once in awhile? Absolutely. Although, I do promise that I will not type out a different variety of smiley after every sentence or paragraph anymore.

Well, at least for the next week. (insert smiley here)


Julie said...

I think that you need to be be confident in your sarcastic skills! And be confident that we have up to par reading comprehension skills! I like breaking down words & their meanings!!!

saucybellum said...

Who knew that the lesson on "context clues" in the 6th grade would be put to such great use years later?!?!?

Stupid people never cease to amaze me.