Sunday, January 31, 2010

No one is asking you to actually love me...

How's that for a seriously dramatic title to a blog? Sometimes I just can't help but coat on a thick layer of drama to's kinda what I do.

Okay...that's not the point to this bloggity blog. I'm going to ask this one time on here (well, unless I can't think of something else to write about in a couple months and then I might bring it up one more time...but don't count on that, I can't make any promises, because the creative juices are flowin' like crazy, son...). Okay...back to my point...
Please pretend that you love me and donate to ALS. It doesn't have to be a lot...five bucks would do. Heck, one dollar would do (but you really don't want to just donate a dollar, because then you'd look cheap and who wants to look cheap*??).

Thomas has donated (although, I don't feel particularly loved by him since he donated to everyone...he's all generous like that), Julie has donated (even without me asking her...that was crazy awesome) and Ali has donated (I'm going to go ahead and say that one was out of left field and I felt completely cyber loved from 800 miles away). So if your name isn't Thomas, Julie, or Ali, then I'm talking to you.

You see, I've pledged to raise $210. Why $210? I have no idea, but stay with me here. I've raised $80, which means that I have $130 more to go. If everyone donates $5, then I only need 26 people to donate and I will have reached my goal. As I type that out, I'm realizing now that I may be screwed since there aren't even 26 people who read this blog. Dang.

Why ALS, you ask? ( ask so many questions...seriously...)
It's best that you check out Thomas' page for that answer:

So if you're able to do so, please donate a couple bucks. In the long scheme of things, buying my undying love is pretty cheap.
Here's my page:

Thomas and his friend Sean Younger

*Go ahead and look cheap. A little bit of love is a heckuvalot better than zero love at all.


Julie said...

At least you're ahead of Mike & Beth! ;) Come on Mike & Beth, step it up!!

saucybellum said...

Oh, J...
You see, Mikey and Beth are so completely money that they will just pay their own way (and then double it because BofA is the bee's knees). I, on the other hand, am not that I have to beg for donations via my blog.

Mike Grosz said...

Thanks much for posting this blog article, Ms. Rogers. I must have seen that pic of Mr. Lervik and Mr. Younger a dozen times. But, it took your posting before I realized that Mr. Younger is wearing a Sioux head on his stocking cap (okay, it is actually a Chicago Blackhawks cap, but I'm sure he was wearing with Sioux pride).

It is either the above realization or the call out from Jewels that will get me motivated to take care of business. And, yes, you got me figured out. I've just been waiting for bank account and tax situations to align correctly and I will meet my goal.

See you at the gym tonight!

saucybellum said...

HA! Mikey! When I saw it, I thought "Wait...Sean was a Fighting Sioux fan? Why isn't the band around his hat green?"

Then I realized that there was such a thing as "other sports teams". Silly me.

But just to be clear...that is the reason I chose that particular picture. Fake Fighting Sioux. It's kinda how I roll.

Commodore Lerve said...

Thanks so much for posting this! Hopefully your scores of readers will graciously go online and donate to a great cause!

And you were pretty excited to see my $5 donation...don't lie to yourself.