Saturday, January 9, 2010

Group Power

Last night I went with a variety of people to Tyber Creek Pub for some "Chris' BFF Bryan is in town from Wichita and we have to show him that Charlotte is the bee's knees" festivities.

There were a few great moments of the night including Bryan ordering a tonic and a water...thus resulting in the bartender handing him a glass of water and a glass of tonic water (I think he meant to order the tonic with vodka or something...or maybe he just doesn't realize that in Charlotte we don't know Kansas' super-secret bartending language). Nevertheless, Chris made him step aside and showed him how the new-fangled thing called "drink orderin'" is done in the south.

I was about 3 and a half drinks in when Beth said, "So...after our run tomorrow morning, we're going to do a group power class."
It was definitely more of a statement than a question.

Fast forward to this morning:
I managed to wake up, run a few errands, and get to the gym. The 5K training was brutal (for me, at least...Beth and Mikey were definitely on the ball, probably because they left the bar at an appropriate time the night before) and Beth chipperly says, " power after this?? I promise, you'll feel better after it."

Little did Beth know that this hour long class was being led by a lady that sounded so familiar that I couldn't quite put my finger on it....until 30 minutes into the class when I realized she sounded exactly like Amy Poehler did when she did the Kaitlin character on SNL a few years ago. She was almost as spaztic, too ("Oh! Does anyone know how to work an iPod?" and "Does anyone know the choreography for this routine?" is just a sampling of her awesomeness).

(Here is a classic Kaitlin sketch if you want to get a taste of what we were dealing with today)

Two things I noticed while group powering:

1. The one guy in the class is a very, very smart man. What guy wouldn't want to be perfectly positioned in 3rd row center? Only the really group power-y chicks get in the first two rows, so it only makes sense that a guy would choose to be behind them, right?

2. The pregnant chick straight up owned us ("us" as in "the entire class"). I have a feeling that she's going to be that kind of mom.

I'm going to go ahead and throw out there that I'm glad that the Group Power class instructor changes weekly. Sorry, blonde instructor lady who counts very oddly, but I prefer someone that knows how to use an iPod.

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anythingbutali said...

i love Kaitlin from SNL--you should start watching The Mighty B cause Amy Poehler does the voice.. and it sounds just like Kaitlin. Love it.