Thursday, February 4, 2010

Concerts are a drug.

I've been a little obsessed lately with music (more so than usual) and it's gotten me in the mood to find shows to go to.

While searching online I found out that one of my favorites (Amos Lee) is coming to July...opening for Dave Matthews.

Can I go ahead and say this? WHAT THE CRAP!?!?!?!??

I like Dave Matthews. Good guy. Good music. Horrible ticket prices. It is not uncommon for his tickets for lawn seats to be over $50 now. I believe I uttered the words last year, "Yeah...I'm done with Dave shows."
Little did I know that one of my favorite singers would actually be opening for him. And sure...I'm happy for Amos. He deserves to have roughly 73,000 people (67% of them stoned out of their mind) discover him.

I just have to say that my soul may die a little bit if people talk over his music (like people tend to do to every opening act in history).

And because I've been posting YouTube videos non-stop as of late, here's another one. Amos...the last time he was in Charlotte. I believe Chris, Julie, Kaley, and I paid something like $35 for VIP tickets. Ohhhh...those were the good ol' days...

Hmmm...maybe I should do a little roadtrippin' to Greenville to see him at the end of March. Those tickets are only $18...with taxes and fees actually included (Screw you Ticketmaster, with your insanely high "service fees"! What services do you actually provide, anyways???)


Julie said...

Dang...Amos Lee, Five for Fighting, Matt Wertz, Ben Folds Five, Matt Kearney all in Charlotte in the month of March. I should have booked a later flight and just stayed the whole month!!

whatnot said...

I'm addicted. You must have inherited your weakness for live music from your mama.

So should I go see Matt Wertz when he comes to St. Louis?

saucybellum said... should ABSOLUTELY go see Matt Wertz when he's in town. I believe I'll be seeing him in about a month.

(And yes...I must have gotten my weakness for live music from you...or was that Uncle Rich???)