Saturday, February 6, 2010

Seriously...I'm a freak.

I posted a few days ago that I've become obsessed with finding new music. I realize that some of these are just new to me, but I can't stop listening to a few of these and I thought I'd let you know in case you wanted to get aboard this gravy train (why did I just call it a "gravy train"?? Gosh, I'm weird)....

Boys Like Girls- One song (Two is Better Than One) of theirs is fantastic...the others make me feel as though I'm a teenager that should possibly be cutting herself in a completely unhealthy manner. Save yourself the other $9 and just download the one song.

Justin Timberlake w/Matt Morris- Yeah, I posted this song (Hallelujah) about a week ago. It's still in constant rotation on my iPod and it's only 99 cents on iTunes with all the proceeds benefiting relief in Haiti. I would venture to say that God would consider it a sin if I burned you a copy of it. You should buy it, because stealing from Haitians just seems wrong.

Lady Antebellum- I was flipping through the channels when their music video for Need You Now came on (or I was possibly just watching the CMT Top 20 Countdown, whatever...don't judge me) and my jaw dropped. I literally put on my shoes while the video was still on and went to Target to buy their album. Yes, it's country...but I will definitely be hitting their live show this summer.

Matt Morris- I had actually forgotten about Matt Morris until he was on the Hope for Haiti telethon. His new album is pretty chill, but I am still loving it. For some reason, Bloodline is speaking to me. There is just something that is just so sad about it (which is always a good pick-me-up).

Michael Buble- Don't laugh. No seriously...don't laugh.

Steve Moakler- I hope you don't discount this guy because he was after Michael Buble. You know those artists that you hear one time and become instantly obsessed with? I had heard one of his songs on Private Practice and downloaded it today. Within 20 minutes, I had downloaded the whole album. Amazing. Please believe me on this.

Stephen Fryrear- I loved Steve Moakler so much that I was actually open to suggestions from iTunes (you know the "You liked Steve Moakler? Try Stephen Fryrear!" thing). Wow...iTunes finally didn't let me down.

Train- I can't believe that I've finally decided to come around to the idea of Train. I've seen their video for Hey, Soul Sister a few times on Top 20 and decided it was worthy of a full CD listen. I'm a little shocked to say that it was worth it. Don't miss This Ain't Goodbye, Brick by Brick, and Marry Me (Can someone say to me "You wear white and I'll wear out the words 'I love you' and 'You're beautiful'" someday...please???)

Peter Gabriel- I realize there is absolutely nothing new about Peter Gabriel, but I have been searching for his cover of The Book of Love (it was on the series finale of Scrubs...well, when Scrubs was going to end...I actually still have the episode on my DVR because I didn't want to forget to find this song). You can't get this song from iTunes unless you download a horrible soundtrack from a Richard Gere movie. So I spent a little bit of time searching for it online and eventually found it. I could probably put this song on repeat for an entire day and still like it. I'm going to let you in on a little secret. If you add an orchestra behind almost any song, I'll probably love it.

Vampire Weekend- This album is just as fun as their first. It makes me want to put on a Lacoste polo shirt and pretend I'm rich.

Seeing that my "I must find new music!" mood doesn't seem to be letting up, I may have a new list for you next week. I'm just hoping that I'll be able to take a deep breath for a hot minute and soak in this greatness soon...

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