Tuesday, February 16, 2010

FYI: Smurfs are blue.

I definitely had a top 10 weekend this past weekend. Beth, Mike, Thomas, Wendy, Jen, Todd, Rob, and I went up to a cabin in West Jefferson, NC for four magnificent days of relaxation. Beth had sent out an email about a month ago asking if anyone was interested and I honestly don't think I could say yes fast enough. I was quite literally counting the days down (seriously...you can look at my calendar at work if you don't believe me) until I could get out of town.

Here are a few highlights:

The drive up: I met Beth and Wendy at Beth's house at 12:30 and we started to head up. The email from the cabin owners warned that you should not follow your GPS, but you know what I think about that?? Those cabin owners don't know me or my GPS, so if my GPS tells me to go down a street that says "No Outlet", I will follow it darn it! Does it matter that it's a dirt road that has a fence and a guy with a hockey mask and a chainsaw at the end of it? No. Of course not. (Okay, you got me...there wasn't really a guy with hockey mask and a chainsaw at the dead end.) What's sad is that I would have gone further down the road, except I had Beth telling me, "Ummm...Sarah...how about you turn around and we follow the directions that they actually sent us?"
If I didn't know any better, I would think that Beth was showing off her "direction following skills". So we eventually made it up to the cabin with Wendy only yelling in my ear 3 times, "Let me out, we're going to die!!!"
Very special times, indeed.

Apples: Dang. There were fake apples EVERYWHERE. The decor was apples, apples, old movie stars, apples, little figurines of Aunt Jemima lookin' people, apples, wood signs that say things like "Friends Gather Here", apples, apples, and well...apples. We even played Apples to Apples as a way to really get in the apple spirit (okay...we didn't play it to get in on the love of apples, but we did play it and just so you know...I'm sexy, feminine, and fake).

Wii: Beth (being the planner that she is) had the brilliant idea of bringing her Wii. Every day seemed to have a new "it" game. The first was The Price is Right. Thomas (or "Tom" as he likes to be called) chose the character that looked strangely like that girl in the movie Precious. Just be assured that there was cash and prizes won. It's a little sad that even though the greenhouse was shown three different times, I still couldn't remember the price of it. I probably wouldn't be very good at that game in real life. Games also enjoyed? Wii Bowling (it seems as though the more alcohol I consume, the better I am at that game), Wii Golf (not by me...I don't think I played that once...I'd venture to say that the Wii Golf game was a "boys club"), Wii Tennis (I can't tell you how much I sucked at that), and Wii Baseball (I'm shaking my head at myself right now...wow...I was bad). The last game I remember playing was the Wii Trivia. Can you believe that they asked a question about North Dakota Fighting Sioux hockey and Mikey wasn't around to hear it? (Sadly enough, the cabin had such an echo that he did hear the question from his room and he said the next day that he just laid in his bed and relived the season that the question was referring to. How cute is that? Seriously, boys are just adorable with their vast storage of sports knowledge.)
The puzzle: I'm not sure who the first person to bring out the puzzle was on the first night, but it was a 1000 pieces and may as well have been of cloudless sky. This thing took us until late on the last night in the cabin. I'm actually surprised to say that doing a puzzle is pretty fun, though. Seriously, grab yourself a Bailey's and coffee and sit down to a puzzle with some of your closest pals. It's great stuff.
PS. The puzzle was missing 3 pieces.
Family Feud: Survey says....they don't make games anymore like they did in 1993. There was a Super Nintendo downstairs in the game room and I think I played it every day while at the cabin. Did you know that men consider crying and wearing earrings unmanly? Well, thanks to Super Nintendo Family Feud, now you do...
Hot Tub: I have never been in a hot tub in the winter, but I would venture to say that it is my new favorite season to do a little hot tub action. You don't get too hot because there is snow falling on your head, but you don't get too cold because, well, you're in a hot tub. I honestly had to get out because I was pruney before I had to get out because I was too dehydrated from the heat.
Food: Do you know one of the best things about going on vacation with 7 other people is? You cook one time and you're fed for the rest of vacation. There was absolutely no shortage of delicious food. Have you ever had knoephla soup? Yeah...I didn't think so. It was pretty delish (as was the chili...and the lasagna...and the fajitas...). I'm still thankful for the rice that was in the fridge on Monday morning. Blessed rice...I have never been more thankful for your bland existence in my life.

The drive home: I was in no condition to navigate the roads on Monday morning, so I was thankful that Thomas offered to drive my car (I use the word "offered" quite lightly...I may have told him that it's what I decided and he didn't protest). The roads were definitely not as clear on the way down as they were on the way up, so I'm very, very thankful that he drove. If he hadn't, I'm pretty sure I would have been in a ditch (or still driving home today because I'd be going down the mountain at a snail's pace).

I may have missed a few things, but just know that it was a grand time. If you want to see all of the pictures that I took, here you go...


Super big thanks to Beth for planning it and to everyone else for a very memorable weekend...

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