Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cerebral palsy is the sexiest of all the palsies...

I was wasting time today online (shocker) and I found this guy as a top news story on Yahoo. It may have been the state of mind I was in, but I couldn't stop laughing at his stuff.

I guess Oprah is having a contest for people to get their own TV show on her new network ("YOU get a TV show...YOU get a TV show...YOU get a TV show...") and Zach Anner was one of the submissions. Out of curiosity, I watched the chick who is currently in second place (with, quite literally, one million less votes than Zach) and I can see why people continue to vote for him.

This is his Oprah audition tape:

Then he thanks the world for their response. Personally, it's my favorite because he's so stinking genuine and yet still super funny:

Then John Mayer video-blogged to Zach and made him an offer to write his theme song:

To which Zach replied with:


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whatnot said...

He's freaking adorable.