Friday, June 11, 2010


It is with a sad, sad heart that I inform you that my favorite-est salad dressing has been discontinued by Newman's Own. At first I just thought that I had to make a special trip to a Super Target (for some reason, that's the only place that it was sold). After going to 3 different Super Targets with no luck, I decided to write to Target and inquire as to what was up. I then went to the Newman's Own website to see if they could start selling it at the Teet. On that website it stated that they have discontinued the Southwest dressing.

"Join us as we bid our Southwest Dressing a fond farewell" my arse!

How has the Southwest Dressing gone the way of my Minute Maid Light Lemonade???

So...if you would once again do me a super big favor. If you happen to be at a Super Target (or heck, any Target/grocery store/yard sale)...PLEASE check to see if they have any Newman's Own Southwest Dressing.
Our buddy, Newman, is wearing a purple plaid shirt and an orange dickey on the bottle. I know, I know...he's a crazy-snazzy dresser.

Oh, and if you'd like to write the company for me, here is the website:

Maybe if we band together, we can Party of Five this sucker!

PS. Hey mom, if I meet you in Nashville and you happen to have 45 bottles of this dressing in your trunk, I really wouldn't mind. Love you!

PPS. I just got an email back from Newman's Own. Apparently they started phasing it out on April 5th (why was I not informed of this travesty sooner?!?!) and they only sold it at Target and Publix. need to check other grocery stores. Just the Publix and Targets....and the garage sales still (you know, people sell the most random stuff at garage sales).


Alison said...

I'm totally going shopping at Target later and will look for you :)

saucybellum said...

Thanks, Alison! You're a pal!

Alison said...

So--I went shopping last night at SUPER Target and had NO luck finding your dressing. I did however see that Lawrence still loves MM Light Lemonade. I dont know what they are thinking out there, we have plenty here.

Boo Newman's.

saucybellum said...

I really do appreciate you looking. As for the MMLL, well...Charlotte must be stupid. Speaking of Charlotte...when are you going to come visit our stupid (and by "stupid", I mean "awesome") city?? I'm pretty sure we'd have a superb time!