Monday, June 14, 2010

If you're spending more time on Facebook than in THE book...

I'm going to have to warn you that I'm feeling especially ADD tonight, so this blog may not be as fluid as my other blogs usually are. <-- (You see, that's funny because I'm acting like my blogs aren't usually a mash-up of ridiculous thoughts.)

This past weekend, the crew went out for Scott Steele's birthday. I'm honestly not sure at what point I started using the term "the crew" like I'm in the movie Clueless (Tai: "Who's Elton?" Dionne: "He's way popular. He's like the social director of the crew." Cher: "Yeah, and his dad can get you into any concert..."). Come to think of it...I'm not sure I can even clearly define who "the crew" consists of. And if this "crew" is missing a key member, is it no longer "the crew"?? Is it just a group of friends that ceases to be a "crew" until the wayward missing person returns to the flock???
Wow...sorry...back to the topic at hand...

So we went out this weekend for Scott's birthday. It was pretty low key. We started at Nakato where I was able to partake in some witty banter with the hibachi chef. Okay, maybe it was more "smiling and pretending like I knew what he was talking about" than "witty banter", but whatever...he seemed nice and I'm pretty sure he was only making fun of me for choosing sushi over noodles and bite-sized pieces of meat. Dang. Now that I think of it, he could have been making fun of so many things without me understanding. I'm just going to choose to believe that he was making fun of my love of the classic California roll.
After dinner, we went to Eastfield for a few drinks and some conversation. It was so loud inside, that I made my way to the patio where I learned a ton about college hockey and got to hear an argument as to why a hockey jersey is appropriate decor for over a fireplace. I also learned from the new guy that people that can't form a coherent thought while speaking, but can write one are stupid (at which point I told the story about how I had a particularly embarrassing night and when I tried to tell my mom about it, she stopped me and said, "Honey, why don't you just blog about it? It's so much better that way.") Beth pointed out that, yes, everyone at the table pretty much wrote how they spoke...except for Sarah. I'm not sure if New Guy understood that he had just offended me, but it didn't really matter. I'm a big fan of the I'm-rubber-you're-glue argument and I have a feeling that he really couldn't talk OR write, so there...take that, New Guy.
OH! I also learned that steel gray and black are "girly" colors. After that disagreement, I excused myself and headed back inside where I wouldn't have to deal with the mess after Beth's head exploded.
And that was pretty much that. A little conversation happened inside. Scott ordered his standard of a shot of Jager with the check. Chris got hit on by the cute girl with a horrific laugh. Sheeshers, well, Sheeshers wore a black shirt and jeans (sorry, Sheesh...I couldn't think of anything that happened with you at the end of the night other than you giving Scott the evil eye and telling him that you wanted to go home, but I didn't think you'd want me to say that on the ol' blog. Wait....oops....sorry...)
The ride home was really special. It pretty much consisted of me trying to form coherent sentences to a fairly buzzed Chris. By the time we were back to Cornelius, I realized that maybe New Guy was right about people who can't form a coherent sentence.
Ugh...dang you, New Guy...

And as for my blog title...
Beth, Mike, and I went to try out a church awhile back and the pastor was rather bitter about healthcare and technology in general. He said something about how if "you're spending more time on Facebook than in the book, then..."
I honestly can't remember the rest of his threat (Hey Beth or Mike...can either of you show off your stellar memory skills and help me out here?), but we've probably repeated that phrase 10 times since we heard it. There's nothing like creating hilarity out of a serious trip to church. I think the only thing I learned that Sunday was that I'm meant to remain at a jeans-wearing, drum-playing type of church and that no one should try to pack church, lunch, hiking, and book club all in the same day.

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