Saturday, July 24, 2010

Just Beachy.

I realized this morning that I never posted about the crew's trip to Isle of Palms over July 4th. Here are a few of the highlights...

The Windjammer: On the night of the 4th, Chris, Thomas, Rob, Wendy, MJ (Wendy's friend that came in for a night), and I went out to The Windjammer. I had heard about The Windjammer many times in the past and I thought it would be a huge bar with all sorts of beach-type fanciness happening. Apparently, the only reason I had heard of it before is because it's probably one of the oldest bars in IOP and if you've been to IOP, you've probably been to The Windjammer (and there is absolutely nothing "huge" or "fancy" about it). My highlight of that evening was seeing Chris' face when he saw the middle-aged gay bartender that had roofied both him and Thomas the last time they were at The Windjammer to see Josh Kelley. C had wanted to use the restroom, but promptly turned around and decided it would be better to wait for a bathroom-going buddy (something about how creepy 50-year old gay men like to follow cute boys into bathrooms). After downing a few very solidly poured drinks (they don't mess around at that bar), we decided to go home. We called for a taxi (along with every other intoxicated person in Isle of Palms) and they said it would be a bit over an hour. With that news, Thomas took my phone and text messaged our dear, dear friend Beth and asked if she was asleep. Although she very much was asleep, Beth is not the kinda gal that can leave her friends hanging and came to get us. While waiting on Beth to get to the bar, I made friends with a girl named Brandy who said she'd call the next day and we'd go out on her boat.
I can't say that I'm surprised or hurt that Brandy did not call the next day. *sigh* I guess it's time that I delete her number out of my phone.
Hank's: On Tuesday night, the crew went to a bar for a few pre-dinner drinks and then to an awesome seafood restaurant that Mike had been to before during a bachelor party weekend. There isn't much to say about it other than it was really, really yummy and I learned what cebiche is.
Nightswimming: On Wednesday night, we were once again feeling really good and decided to do a little nightswimming in the community pool. Mike, Beth, Wendy, Thomas, Lael, and myself made our way to the pool around midnight and decided that there really was no need for swimsuits (well, everyone except for Lael, who explained that teachers can't risk getting caught naked in a pool). While I was paying attention to the stars (it was so beautiful out that night) and not my swimsuit, I heard a commotion happening at the gate. The commotion ended up being about 34 20-something people coming into the pool area. Okay, so maybe there weren't that many strangers infiltrating our space, but when you have no clothes on, you definitely feel like there are a lot more than there actually are. At that point, I started frantically searching the perimeter of the pool for my swimsuit (while still in the pool). I knew it had to be's not like the thing had legs. Well, you know...unless your friend Lael used her legs to take it and hide it before the random strangers showed up. I have to say that I'm so trusting that never once did the thought of someone taking it cross my mind. Eventually, someone found it for me and threw it into the pool. When I finally got out of the pool, I was told that Thomas and Lael went to the big pool (aka: the ocean), so Mike, Beth, and I started running to where they supposedly were. On the way to the ocean, Beth bit it on the sidewalk (life lesson: don't run in flippies). I vaguely remember her lying on the concrete, laughing really hard. Mike said he was taking Beth home to clean her up while I exclaimed, "Okay! I'll go find Thomas and Lael!" (like I was doing them a favor or something) and I ran off to the ocean.
After what seemed like forever of yelling out to the ocean for Thomas and Lael, I went back to the house and told Mike (who was cleaning up Beth), Beth (who was wrapped up like a burrito on the couch), and Wendy (who was intensely working on a puzzle) that Thomas and Lael were missing. Seeing that I was distressed, Mike replied, "Well, maybe they went to sleep downstairs."
I then ran downstairs to search the bedrooms and came back upstairs in tears because at that point I was sure that they were dead in the ocean. While trying to explain to my friends why we should be worried, Thomas and Lael walked into the house...very much not dead.
Go figure...I was worrying for no good reason once again. Last week, Rob gave me some pretty solid advice on the subject, "Hey, Sarah...if a guy and a girl go missing and can't be found, it's probably because they don't want to be found."
Ohhh, if only Rob had not left the night before so he could of given me that advice the night of my freak out.

The engagement: On Thursday, Mike and Beth went out to Charleston to discover the city until around 4. When they got back, I was lounging on the couch, reading a book while Mike was getting dinner ready in the kitchen. Beth came and sat near me while we talked about the day. She was holding a yogurt in her left hand and when I finally looked away from my book to look at her, I was blinded by something on her ring finger. Needless to say, after reality struck, I started to completely freak out. Mikey had told no one that he was going to ask her (except for her sweet and completely proper is that??). Thomas was in the back room watching a movie and thought that I was freaking out about something completely different (I'm known to freak out about even the smallest stuff, I guess). Beth eventually went back there to tell him the big news. The night was topped off with an insanely delicious steak dinner and champagne toast. It was definitely the biggest and most memorable nights of the whole trip.'ll probably be one of my most memorable nights of my life (yeah...I am really, really, really happy for my friends...).

Nightgolfing: On our last night of the trip, we made our way to the golf course (in our backyard) at dusk to steal a little golf time on the 5th hole. While normally this hole wouldn't take Mike and Thomas too long to get through, they were golfing with Beth, Wendy, and me. I hadn't golfed in about 10 years, so needless to say, it took a little while to make contact to the ball. In no way was it a terribly successful golf outing if you're measuring success by getting the ball in the hole in a timely manner. Fortunately, I measure success by how much fun it was and I have to was crazy successful.

Needless to say, this was just a quick recap of a week of awesomeness. I already feel like I've forgotten a bunch of stuff. To see the rest of the pictures from the trip, here's the link:

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Not sure how I stumbled across this...but it is after 3am. Is that Lervick trying to golf barefoot?

Ahh, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. I'm guessing I still lead the barefoot hole in one battle 1-0