Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just call me Judgey McJudgerson

This commercial is on entirely too much in the Charlotte area and I can't help but be concerned with how this girl walks. Is it just me or is her saunter a little...ummm...messed up?? Like her legs don't have nearly enough muscle to hold up the rest of her body and flowing blonde hair???

I'm also loving the guy in the commercial. I think the wardrobe and hair people thought that it would be best to make him look like he's from 1995.


whatnot said...

I think she's walking like that because she's feeling self-conscious. There's a camera pointed at her and someone is singing a song about her apparel in the background. It creates an unfamiliar and uncomfortable sensation for her; thus the odd ambulation pattern.

I could totally be a psychoanalyst.

Julie said...

Geez Judgey McJudgerson....there's only room for one of us on the Judgmental Perch! Ha! ;)