Friday, July 16, 2010

The things you do to save money...

Recently, I've been trying to cut costs. One of the funnest (and totally not sucky) parts of this is getting creative with whatever random foods I happen to have in my pantry and freezer (who has had meatballs for the last week for breakfast? I'll never tell...). Although I usually stick with my own fridge, sometimes I can't help but raid the one at work. Earlier this week we had one of our referring offices come for lunch. Per the usual, my favorite marketer (HI KAREN!) ordered a tray of wraps from Camille's. There are a few reasons why we love having guests, but naturally one of the perks is the seemingly endless supply of leftovers. You'd think I'd get tired of Camille's since I've had half a wrap for lunch and dinner for the last three days, but sadly...I have not.

One of my finest moments of this money-saving endeavor came tonight when I was cleaning out the fridge for the weekend (who likes to return to work on Monday to the smell of something growing on mystery food?)

There were 7 leftover wraps in the fridge that would definitely not stay so delicious for 2 more days. What would you do? Throw them away, you say?? Oh, heavens no. Not on my watch.

While I appreciate that some people would feel comfortable throwing away that much edible food, I on the other hand, did not.

What did I do, you ask?

While I couldn't possibly consume that many tortillas (and honestly wasn't wanting that many carbs), I painstakingly unwrapped each one and picked every bit of chicken out of those wraps. It may sound like a lot, but, well...oh okay, who am I kidding? There was a bunch of chicken. Who cares, though? It's grilled chicken! How bad can it be for you??? Plus, who just had a free dinner consisting of bits of gourmet chicken (oh, yes...I just called it "gourmet"...I didn't have to cook it, therefore it's "gourmet". Just go with it, okay?)??? This gal!

Maybe next week's lunch meeting will be a Moe's (WELCOME TO MOE'S!!!) buffet and I'll be able to have my way with a tray of refried beans. A girl can only dream...

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