Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Random Question Wednesday - (What week are we on now?)

Do you have any scars?
I'm going to assume that this question meant physical and not emotional scars. I have one on the back of my right hand from when I cut it in shop class in middle school (that bookcase had it out for me), I have one on the tip of my left pointer finger from when I tried to clean out a lawn mower while it was still running (I'll never do that again), and I have one on my lip from when I swung from the curtains when I was a baby.

What was the last film you saw?
The Hunger Games! Awesome, awesome, awesome (awesome, awesome). THAT is how you make a teen novel into a movie, people who made Twilight...

What's the longest you've ever grown your hair?
When I was in the 3rd grade, my hair was down to my butt.

Are you reliable?
I think I am...

Do you hold grudges?
I generally forget the stuff the people do to wrong me, but there are two people in the world that I would be okay with never seeing again. Is that bad?

Are you much of a gambler?
Not really. I grew up so close to a casino that I thought that every town had casinos - so there really wasn't any excitement surrounding going to one. It's kind of like those European families that bottle feed wine to their kids. If you grow up knowing you can have it at any time, there really isn't a need to go off and get drunk at a house party. Or maybe it's nothing like that...I have no idea.

How long could you go without talking?
I would think just a couple hours, but the other day I hadn't realized that I lost my voice from allergies until the end of the day when I answered the phone for the first time and nothing came out. So...I guess I can go about 20 hours.

What traditionally adorns the top of your Christmas tree?
My non-existent Christmas tree? I'd like to imagine that there would be a star or something up there. Who knows?

What is your favorite TV advertisement?
Who doesn't love the Pogues?!?

What do you have on your fridge door?
A variety of concert tickets for shows that are coming up. I think right now there is Eric Hutchinson, Dave Barnes, and Young the Giant...

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