Sunday, January 16, 2011

Camels can't hold endless amounts of straw.

So lately I feel like I've been running and running (and running and running....), completely unable to keep up with life. This morning, I got in the shower to get ready for work (yes, I's Sunday). I got out, I put on my makeup, I blew my hair dry, and I stood in front of the mirror....something didn't look right. No, it wasn't my pasty white skin (sadly, I haven't been able to get to the tanning bed for awhile); it was my hair. Greaseball.
I had taken a shower and forgot to wash my hair. Like many people, I have a shower routine. I have showered the same way every day for years and this morning I forgot a major step. So, needless to say, I had a two-part shower this morning.

Yesterday, my favorite thing that happened was my trip to the post office.
Once upon a time, I would avoid going to the post office on a Saturday, but who am I kidding? These days, I am completely unable to make it to a post office during the work week. I have had a few things to send to Kansas for awhile and decided that it was time to buckle down and get them in the mail. Along with things to send out, I also had a note from USPS that said that one of my packages that I sent a few months ago was found destroyed in one of their warehouses and if I came in, they would give me a refund of my postage, but they couldn't pay for the items inside since I didn't opt for insurance.
So after standing in a line that was going out the door, I put the boxes on the counter and handed the note to the postlady. She gave a deep sigh and said, "Let me explain something to you. If you send something, sometimes a 70 pound box can be stacked on top of your smaller box and get smashed."
I smiled and said, "It's okay...I've come to grips with what happened. I really don't need an explanations. I just want my refund and I want to send these things to Kansas."
She then sighed again and explained, "Well, I wish I could give you a refund, but since you didn't buy insurance, I can't refund your postage."
I, thinking she was kidding...and then realizing that she was very much NOT kidding, argued, " what you're telling me is that I paid you $8.09 to take something somewhere for me and not only did you destroy the item that I entrusted you with, but you also won't pay me back the money that I paid you to get my item safely from Point A to Point B???"
To which the lovely postwoman replied, "Yes. Would you like to pay for insurance on these items that you're shipping today?"


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