Friday, January 28, 2011

Night at Alton's

When I woke up this morning, there was a text from Thomas asking if I would like to go to Alton's Kitchen in Cornelius for dinner with him, Mike, Beth, and Rob. Since I'm one to never say no to, well...pretty much anything that has to do with red meat, potatoes, and wine...I replied with a resounding yes. Well, in my head I sounded like I was saying "yes" resoundingly...maybe Thomas didn't quite get how stoked I was about it via text; as he always says...texting isn't really the best form of communication when trying to portray feelings.
Anywhoozles, after getting home from work and taking a quick shower, I hopped in the car to go to this new-ish restaurant only to find out that my GPS didn't have it in it's system of global positioningness. At this point, I thought it would just be a quick call to Thomas to find out where exactly it was. I really should have known better than to call a man.
Although Beth would have given me a simple, "It's by the Harris Teeter on Jetton", Thomas started throwing out directions like, "It's on the west side of...." (I can't even remember what he said it was on the west side of as he had lost me at "west")
I believe that after he was informed by Beth that girls' brains don't work like boys' brains, he informed me that it was by the Teet and all was well and good.
The whole thing kind of reminds me of the times that my dad would talk to his friends and my brothers about our hunting land and he would say, "You'll come to a spot in the woods that's like a nipple."
I never understood that, but the boys always seemed to. I guess guys understand directions in terms of north, south, east, west, and nipples.

Seeing that it is Restaurant Week in Charlotte, we all decided to go with the $30 4-course meal. Although, the 4 courses were yummy (is it surprising that the twice baked potato was my favorite part???), the conversation was priceless.

The topics included (but were certainly not limited to):
-My new-found lesbian status at work (apparently, if you're not dating anyone and you have no kids, then you MUST be into the ladies).
-Speed dating (if you want to date Precious, you better sign up for speed dating in Charlotte...and ask Rob to come with you because he's really into that).
-Where to find the best lobster meat (in the tail fin; it's the hardest to get to and there isn't much there for the payoff, but it's the most tender).
-The sleeping arrangements for our weekend cabin trip coming up next month (I'll be rooming with Rob, but Beth said she had no qualms about me rooming with her fiance if I wanted to. I'm going to choose to believe that she wouldn't mind me rooming with Mikey because she just trusts me that's better for my self-esteem).
-Thomas not going to be in town for Beth's birthday (yet again).
-Rob and Mike's 5K coming up (apparently those poor guys have to run half of it, stop in the middle to each eat a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts, and then run the second half of the race).
-The proper way to shake someone's hand (don't dominate, don't be weak, don't try to be gangsta, don't touch Rob on the shoulder)

I have to say that overall, Alton's was good, but the friends are what made the night fantastic.

I have a feeling that when I reread this blog in a few days, I'll totally be able to see that I've had two glasses of wine right before writing it.


Alison said...

Sarah, didnt you know that if you're over 25, a female, and not dating anyone, you're a lesbian? I thought everyone knew that! :)

A friend of mine was meeting her sister's fiance's parents a few years back and they asked her what she did (she's a pharmacist) and if she was dating anyone. She said no, and their response was "oh, so you're a lesbian..." she was 27 at the time and is now happily married, to a man :)

saucybellum said...

It's one thing to have someone joke about it to your's quite another to hear that it is the office gossip.
I was debating whether or not to have Thomas plant one on me yesterday when he was visiting the office; at least it would dispel any rumors of lebiandom (or maybe it would just make it grow into "Did you hear that Sarah the Lesbian had her friend come to the floor to try to get us off scent?? Ohhh...we're far too smart to be tricked by her...such a lez that one is.")

The Rogers said...

Its so nice to hear of places from my childhood, like the Harris Teeter. "The Teet."...and the, not as nice, Food Lion...oh, and Bojangles.