Friday, June 5, 2009

I still cringe when I see Dave Murray on TV in STL.


Verbally Spanked By the Weatherman.

So...last night there was a storm in the good ol' STL. Yes, they were warning of tornadoes and trees being down, but to was just a storm. Also, last night was "So You Think You Can Dance?". To anyone who doesn't know, this is the dancing version of American Idol. I wouldn't normally care, except my mother now has a dancing Clay Aiken (aka: Benji) and I'm forced (that's an exaggeration) to watch. I'm sure some of you can see where I'm going with this. Network television shows (in this case FOX) & storms that can be reported on do NOT mix.

Here was my issue. Every freaking time the show came back on from commercial, that dang Dave Murray would break in with a "first storm warning". Then, naturally, when commercials came back on they would let us watch those. This went on something like 5 times and I had had enough. I was going to type him an angry email. YES! AN EMAIL! I was typing him this email for the good of the "So You Think You Can Dance?" community (my mom, myself, Ali, and his friend Kristin....those are the only people I know that watch this show). It actually wasn't so much as much as a SUGGESTION. I politely said,
"Dave, can you please stop breaking into 'So You Think You Can Dance?'. I've been looking forward to this all week (that's a lie). How about a nice scroll? Thanks so much! Sarah in St. Peters"
Naturally, dear ol' Dave didn't stop cutting in the show. It was ruined. The show was RUINED and I was angry. I can't stand his dang voice...and you KNOW they aren't going to replay that "very special 2-hour event". Geez.

As I am checking my email, there was a message from "KTVI Weather". It was a rather long note (in comparison to my little one), from Dave Murray himself. True, this could have been a form letter that he sent to all people that wrote him, but he's still a bastard. Some of my favorite lines from this note include, "99 percent of the people writing me were people that were thanking me for such good coverage of the storm" (something tells me that is somewhat of an exaggeration...who writes the news to say "Thanks"). Also, there was a great line that went something like this... "This is one of the worst storms we've had in years and we saved a lot of peoples lives tonight. I'm sure you can agree that is more important than a TV SHOW."
Okay. I need a moment......
Seriously, does this dork really think he saved lives last night? REALLY?!?!?! Is that why he became a weatherman? So he can break in and say things like "If you see a tornado, don't run outside and take pictures. Go downstairs." Did we not learn this crap in elementary school while we were ducking and covering? Not only that, I feel as though he didn't successfully finish an english class in college. I counted 5 misspellings. Now, I'm not saying I perfect (well, I'm pretty close)...but if you are going to write a form letter, please check the spelling.
I can picture it though...imagine it with me...
A YOUNG DAVE MURRAY GOES UP TO HIS FATHER: "Dad, I'm going to save lives when I get old."
A HAPPY FATHER REPLIES:"I always wanted to have a child that was a doctor!"
LIL DAVE SCREAMS: "Not a doctor, dad, I'm going to be a WEATHERMAN!"

I just want to mention to him...if you want to do weather 24/7, go to the Weather Channel. Then you can save LOTS of lives! (And quite possibly your own, because I may kill you if you break into my TV show again, loser)

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