Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just call me Paris Hilton.

A few weeks back, 2 guys on my Top Ten List of Dudes In My Life (yeah, the list exists) had bartending duties at a great charity event. It was at Tyber Creek Pub from 5-8pm and all of the tips went directly to ALS. I have no idea whose idea it was, but I must say...I wholeheartedly appreciate the opportunity to throw down a few glasses of wine in the name of charity. It definitely blew the whole "car wash" idea right out of the water.

Brian and Thomas, posing behind the bar how normal people pose....with no need to actually touch.

I'm going to fast forward a few weeks to Karen (yes, the same marketer that I mentioned in yesterday's blog) looking at the pictures on my Facebook. She kind of laughed to herself and said, "Sarah, do you realize that you pose the exact same way in every picture? Heads together!"

Holy crap...the woman is right. Much like Paris Hilton, apparently I have a signature pose. Check it out...

Sheila and Sarah....heads together.

Beth and Sarah. Heads obviously touching.

Julie was sitting, but as you can see, I apparently wanted to have our heads together anyway.

Mike is a tall man, but that didn't stop me from trying to put my head on his.

Sarah and Kaley with noggins touching (it appears that Kaley may be a pro at the "heads together" pose).

I realize that you may find this post to be completely self-centered (and it is, I just posted 5 pictures of myself). For that, I apologize. Kinda.

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Commodore Lerve said...

We'll definitely have to make sure to call you out on that. It's almost a signature Sheila hand wave picture, but not quite. It's good to have a go to move though.