Thursday, June 4, 2009

Now THAT is a cute baby.

My sister-in-law (I guess at this point of my blog writing, I can just call her Laura) sent me some pictures earlier this week of my niece and nephew. I promptly saved them to my desktop at work and I keep finding myself returning to these files, just for a good smile.

You know when you love someone so much your heart hurts? Yup...that's how I feel about these two...

Just so you know.......

Sadie smiles now (this is something one time she was a non-smiler).
Logan graduated from preschool. I'm not sure when it became popular to have a graduation ceremony for kids graduating from preschool/kindergarten/8th grade. I'm a little bummed that I never had a preschool/kindergarten/8th grade graduation...I'm quite sure that I would have enjoyed the gifts.

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Julie said...

Even I had 8th grade graduation! I even remember what I wore. And I got a Fossil watch from my parents. You missed out!