Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dang. That would suck.

Poor Oprah.

I hear that she has a new unauthorized biography coming out where someone (a very stupid someone, who obviously is doing it for the benjamins, baby) interviewed 800 (only Oprah could have 800 people that consider themselves "close") of her closest friends and family and dug up some crazy dirt.

It's not that I really feel super bad for Oprah, I mean...she's Oprah. But, how awful would that be to have someone decide that they are going to write a book about you and interview all of the people from your life. True, there will be some people that will paint you in a great light, but what about the people that don't have warm-fuzzy thoughts about you? Let's not lie, everyone has someone that doesn't care for them (even if it has no real foundation). The problem lies in the fact that people actually care about Oprah and will believe all of the crap that is in this book.

Back to my point of this post...

I thought about this the other day when I thought that I had nothing to hide and could totally be president (someone was profiling John Edwards and it's well known that that dude has some skeletons; that's what made me think "president").

What would be the worst thing that someone could write about you and who would sell you out??

Hopefully your parents wouldn't like Oprah's dad did. That crap has gotta burn...


whatnot said...

Who would sell me out?
Well, the guy that works the Roly Poly counter could let everyone know that I am hopelessly addicted to their wrap sandwiches. Wait..maybe that fact is evident by the size of my butt.
Never mind.

Anonymous said...

Laura told me that I needed to take a look at your blog and now it is 12:30 in the afternoon and I have accomplished nothing at work today! Thanks a lot! (BTW...it's Sandy!) I enjoy your mom's comments as much as your blog! She cracks me up. What a great person! Anyway...you may have inspired me to start my own blog! I just have to make sure I have enough stuff to "blog" about. So I am now going to waste more time and set up an account so I can at least follow your blog. Have a great day.

saucybellum said...

Awww....Sandy!! That's so sweet!

Do what I do and just write about random stuff that pops into your head and then have a loving family member that will read whatever you write! :D

saucybellum said...

Oh, and PS...you have a kid, so you definitely have enough to write about!