Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How did it know that!??!?

My work has been trying to implement a program for a few months now where everyone is family and the only thing you feel when you come to work is sunshine, rainbows, and butterflies. I find it a little funny since in our center there are about 5 core people and then a few add-ons every once in awhile. We've all worked together since we opened 3 years ago and in such tight quarters, you are bound to become family. I don't know a family on this planet that is 100% great, 100% of the really, I'm not sure how we can become more like a family than we already are.

In our attempt to become more "family-like", we did a DiSC profile (I'm not sure why the "i" is little, I suppose he must have an inferiority complex). There are roughly 239 questions where you pick the thing that is most like you and it will shoot out a few pages of personality results. Now these things aren't words like "emotional" (which I am) or "unemotional" (which I am definitely not). No, no, no...these questions are like, "Feather. Ladder. Boat. Cat."

I mean, OBVIOUSLY I am most like a boat, right? That was an easy question. My point is that it was always 4 things that had no correlation with each other and it was supposed to tell me how awesome I am.

After an afternoon of question-answering (I say "afternoon", but what I meant to say was "15 minutes"), my results came out.

Does anyone want to take a guess to my number one characteristic? Go ahead...I'll give you a minute....

*Be sure to let a minute pass before you continue reading*


Because I picked boat, suddenly this stupid profile thinks I'm sarcastic!

Now, I can't be absolutely sure, but I think it may be a little off. Apparently other words that describe me include decisive, adventuresome, change-oriented, and demanding. The words that I completely agree with are emotional and gregarious.

Apparently I was put into the Inspirational Pattern. Some of the highlights include:

Emotions: accepts aggression, downplays need for affection (HA!)
Judges others by: projection of personal strength, character, and social power
Under pressure: becomes manipulative, quarrelsome, or belligerent (that was my personal favorite)
Fears: weak behavior

Wow. All of that information came from me answering "boat".

Who woulda thought??

I certainly hope my work can be more family-like now that we took this very insightful quiz (that I believe was probably originally printed in the back of a Teen magazine).

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