Monday, April 5, 2010

Why is no one calling them ho-bags??

I can understand people being absolutely horrified at Tiger's behavior. Although he has stated that he has a "sex addiction", there seems to be a general consensus that "sex addiction" is a made up disorder. As someone told me recently, "He doesn't have a dang sex addiction, he's a guy with no morals!"

Amen to that. The guy is a Grade A hornball with zero morals.

The thing I don't understand is that all of these women that are coming forward are being victimized in the media.
"Poor thing! He only bought her a Subway sandwich!"
"She asked him for help and he said he couldn't!"
"When he flew her to where he was, he didn't even fly her in first class!"

What happened to women saying, "No, you're MARRIED."???????

My favorite quote was from the waitress who said that she asked Tiger where his wife was and when he said she was in Sweden, they had sex on the kitchen floor. She was amazed that he had fine stainless steel appliances.

1. You can't pretend that you didn't know he had a wife. YOU ASKED WHERE SHE WAS.
2. You are selling your story and the only thing you can think of to say is that he had nice appliances?
3. You're ugly. Like crazy ugly. Like you belong in the Rocky Horror Picture Show ugly.

Let me no way am I condoning Tiger's behavior. I just want to pretend that there is at least one girl on this planet that can say, "Yes, Tiger propositioned me...and I said no."

This winner only got to fly economy class. How sad for her. She should probably get naked and cry about how she wasn't treated better by a guy that cheats on his wife.

This Rocky Horror Picture Show ho met Elin and Tiger at the restaurant that she waitressed at and decided it was okay to sleep with Tiger because he didn't seem that into his wife while they were eating at the diner. Well, as long as she has a scientific equation to figure out if it's okay if she sleeps with a married man, I suppose it's okay then...

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