Monday, May 3, 2010

Gotta love a 6PM bedtime.


When my alarm went off at 5am, it felt as if I had just fallen asleep (I can't imagine why). I eventually rolled out of bed and made it to Chris' house by 6:15. Brian, Thomas, Chris, and I then drove down to Ballentyne to make it to the ALS walk by 6:45.

By the time we got there, the rain had started and the set-up maps were passed out. After taking roughly 34 minutes to figure out the map (I'm what would be considered "directionally challenged"), we started tossing tables and tents all over the joint.

It is a little weird that my favorite part of the whole walk was the bluetooth guy (does anything make someone look like a doucher more than a bluetooth permanently attached to their head??) that dramatically gave me the critical task of making sure that everyone eats something (it was described as "the most important job"). Now, personally, I believe that if you are over the age of 3, you have the ability to decide if you are hungry or not. Do I really need to run around and shove bagels down a 32 year old's throat? Well, maybe for fun...sure, but because they couldn't take the time to simmer down and grab a bite to eat? Probably not.

After the walk (and after Brian won a fabulous shop-vac gift pack), we cleaned everything up (which is a heckuvalot easier than setting everything up) and made our way to Red Robin (with a slight detour) for some lunch. When lunch was over, I went home to finish packing and to take a nap.

My nap began at 6pm...and lasted for about 11 hours.

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