Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hey mom...guess what? I blogged.

When I was in St. Louis this past week, it seemed like every day my mom would sit at the computer desk and say, " didn't write a blog today."

Now looking back, I think maybe it would have been easier to blog while on vacation. At least then I would have remembered everything that happened.

So in my attempt to suck as many blogs out of this vacation as possible (look who is lacking material!), I'm going to blog about every. single. day. You read that right, dear blog reader, you are getting 10 separate blogs about one vacation. How lucky for you!

Day 1:

I had high hopes for Friday when I woke up, which is a good thing since it started off awesome and only got awesomer. What made it so awesome, you ask? (Let's pretend that you ask a lot of questions.)
Well, not one thing in particular (I'm was the first day of having 10 days off in a row. How could someone NOT have an amazing day??)

After spending the day packing for vacay and having a little baking fun, I went over to Papa and Lulu's house to pick up Brian to take him over to Thomas' hizzy for some BBQ action. I should have known that Brian would be running behind (in no way is that a slam on Brian, but isn't it about time that I learned that past experiences should dictate future expectations??). Not that it was a big deal, I just hung out on the couch with Brian's brother Bob for about half an hour. We discussed a wide range of fascinating topics including (but obviously not limited to) trees, Arkansas, college, and bugs.

When Brian got home, we made our way to the Lervkins abode (I've just recently figured out/"been told" where the name Lervkins came from. Wow. Sometimes I feel really dumb). There was some pretty intense BBQness happening and to be perfectly honest, I kind of wish I took some of the leftover pork (you know....if there was some actually left over).

Post-dinner, we broke out the Apples to Apples. After 5 rousing games, we called it a night so that we could get enough sleep for Saturday's early morning ALS walk...

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whatnot said...

Yay for fresh blogs!
(I miss you already.)