Monday, May 10, 2010

Ohhhh..."T" stands for Thomas...

When you pack for a long vacation (yes, I consider a week to be a long vacation), you are bound to forget a few essentials. In my case, both of the essentials that I had forgotten were for Thursday night. One of the things (adorable brown shoes) I found out that I forgot before it was too late to remedy the situation. The other thing I forgot (adorable, non-booblifting bra for a low cut dress)...well, I realized that I had forgotten when I was getting dressed.

My cousin Heather came to pick me up to have lunch at Steak n Shake (I'm not sure why I ever order the Frisco's delicious until about 2 hours later when you're reminded what that much butter and grease will do to your digestive system) and then go shoe shopping to find some brown shoes that would match the dress that I had borrowed from Beth.
After eating and shoe shopping, she brought me back home to get ready for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. My mom was nice enough to get off work early (THANKS MOM!) so that I could borrow her car and get downtown in time for the 20 minute rehearsal. I honestly thought the priest was talking that fast because there was only a short period of time to have the rehearsal...I found out on Saturday that he just talks fast all of the time.
It took longer to drive to Carmine's for dinner than it would have taken to walk there, but who wants to walk in heels?? ("Not me!", said I...)
I had forgotten how much I love toasted raviolis and an open bar. I feel a little bad that I had the awesome idea to want the same thing that Thomas was ordering and then talked him into ordering something else so that we could share both. Okay, it wasn't like I was talking him into it, it was a mere suggestion and I like to pretend that he really, really enjoyed his pasta (because I really, really enjoyed my chicken). Also, I maintain that I only had one glass of red wine, although technically it was never empty. My glass was topped-off enough that Thomas took my mom's car keys to drive to the piano bar (The Big Bang) after dinner where the Jayhawk fight song was bought for a heckuvalot cheaper than it costs in Mooresville, NC.
My favorite part of the evening was when someone asked me for the 4th time, "And who are you with?"
To which I replied, "Thomas."
At that point it was obvious that a light bulb went off and he said, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh....'T' stands for 'Thomas'. You're talking about TJ."

Silly me. I was calling him by the wrong name the whole dang time.

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