Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gotta love the non-bride that wears white to a wedding.


My grandma called at 8am to ask me if I wanted to get some breakfast at First Watch. Do you know what I said to that? Do ya, do ya, do ya!?!? I said, "Heck yes, grams! I love First Watch almost as much as I love breathing!!"

Okay, I didn't exclaim that so merrily, but I was a little bit excited for some breakfast grub. I mean, I love breakfast-for-breakfast almost as much as I love breakfast-for-dinner.
After breakfast, I went home to shower, pack, and get ready for Chris and Christy's wedding. Seth, Laura, Logan, and Sadie picked me up at 12:30 (I wasn't supposed to be to the church until 1:30, but there was a Cardinals game happening about 3 blocks from the church and I really wasn't sure how much traffic there would be). We arrived by the Arch at 1:15 and played for awhile, with the only pseudo-almost-catastrophe being that Sadie fell face first into a bush while she was standing on a ledge. I'm not sure at what point that kid became such a champ. She used to cry and cry and cry over people holding her and now, when she actually has something to cry about, she just whimpers for 3.6 seconds and then gets over it. I guess she cried out her lifetime's allotment of tears in the first 8 months of her life.

The wedding was beautiful...and quick. I felt like a 12 year old when I was trying to stifle laughter at the word "lover" read 38 times during the reading from Song of Solomon. It seems a little odd to me that I grew up in St. Louis (the land of the Catholics), I've seen the Pope (well, Pope John Paul II), and this was my first Catholic wedding. If someone had asked me before if I had been to a Catholic wedding, I would have said, "Yes. Definitely. I've had many Catholic friends in my life and I've been to many weddings in my life. Therefore, I'm quite sure that the two have combined forces to give me the full-blown Catholic wedding experience."
Now I know that I would have been sadly mistaken. The moment I knew that I was way off was when I saw that the bride, groom, and wedding party had to kneel during 75% of the service. I totally would have remembered if I had seen that before. I know that a wedding is more than a gorgeous dress (and Christy's was definitely gorgeous), but I couldn't help but wonder how she wasn't wrinkling it...and how kneeling that whole time wasn't like a punishment. Believe me, I've seen the amount of tulle that goes into making a puffy wedding dress and I also know that kneeling on it feels very close to the feeling that children get when they are forced to kneel on rice as a punishment (which my parents never saw as an appropriate punishment, by the way). But now that I think of it, Christy didn't appear to be in any maybe I'm way off on the whole rice thing.

After the wedding, the wedding party (plus me) boarded the party bus and did a quick tour around St. Louis for some pictures, then made our way to the Four Seasons to watch the Kentucky Derby. Well, I didn't really watch the Kentucky Derby...I was more fixated on the insanely beautiful wedding party that also happened to be at the Four Seasons. Seriously...this wedding party looked like they were out of a catalog for weddings (I don't even know if a catalog for weddings exists, but you see what I'm saying). Usually there will be a few 10's in a group of people, but EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. was GORGEOUS. It almost made me feel uncomfortable to be within a 20 foot radius of them.
By the time we made it to the wedding, the cocktail hour was winding down and I had a conversation with a girl that went to high school with Christy. This is how the conversation went down:
Girl: "Who are you here with?"

Me: "Thomas. Wait...TJ. Sorry. I keep calling him the wrong thing."

Girl: "Oh! Your husband is SO funny! I met him the other day!"

Me: "'s not my husband."

Girl: "Sorry...I mean your fiance."

Me: "Wait, no...we're not even dating. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to give that impression."

Girl: "Why not? He's hilarious!" (as if that's the only reason to date someone)

Me: "Ummm...well...yes, he is funny..." (*awkward silence while I was thanking God I had a glass of wine in my hand so I could pretend to just be thirsty while I thinking of something to say*) "Soooo...I guess it's time to get upstairs for the reception. I'll see you up there!"

I must say, the reception was the most beautiful that I've ever been to, the group of people at my table were crazy awesome, and the best man's speech was the best I've ever heard. To be honest, I became 542% more popular when people found out that I was the best man's date (Random person: "Wait! You're with Sir Dalton Swayze, Esquire III?!?!?!? That guy is hilarious! You are so lucky!" Me: "Why, yes...yes I am.").

By the end of the night, Thomas walked me back to the hotel room and then went back out on the town while I nursed a slight allergic reaction (all I have to say about that is that I'm super thankful that I dehydrated myself throughout the day).

(I just let out a huge sigh. There is only one day left of vacation to blog about. Remind me after the beach trip in July that blogging about every single day is a really stupid idea. Believe me, I'll forget.)

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